Welcome to The Dream.

Welcome to The Dream! Here an explanation of how the gameplay functions on the server.

The gamemode is SMP (Survival Multiplayer) but has an emphasis on building. Creating impressive builds is core to the experience of TDR, and the server has been designed to support that experience. PVP is now disabled globally to help facilitate a friendly and positive playerbase.

The Build Rank System

Everyone on the server now has a skill rank, as seen to the left of their “social” prefix. For example, if Member “AverageJoe” is rank 3, his chat will look like this;

[3] [Member] AverageJoe: What’s good?

The ranks scale from 1-10; 1 being a beginning player, and 10 being the best builders in the Minecraft community.

How do I rank up?

Ranking up is as easy as building. In the coming weeks the team will be producing builds that reflect that of each skill level. Until then, the promotions will be liberal and at the staff’s discretion.

What do I get for ranking up?

Some ranks come with special perks, for instance, ranks 7 and above get access to full creative mode, but may not participate in the economy. Here is a list:

  • Rank 3: /feed
  • Rank 5: /fly
  • Rank 6: /god
  • Rank 7: /gamemode creative
  • Rank 9: Full worldedit permissions.

Earn REAL Money from your builds!

At the end of each week, the players will vote (through a website, not fully configured yet) for their favorite build of the week. The player that receives the most votes will receive a payout via Paypal ($20-$100, depending on the week).

Social Ranks

Social Ranks are designed to reflect a player’s reputation in the community. Players who are friendly and active will move through the system quickly! The ranks are as follows; Member, Trusted, Trusted+, Veteran. The benefits of each rank have not been completely ironed out yet, but will become clear in the coming days and weeks. Right now they are an indicator of each player’s contributions to the community.

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