State of the Server – Week 1

Hello everyone, Chase here!

Welcome to state of the server! We will be putting this out every weekend to keep the community up to date on what’s happening on the server.

Content Updates

We’ve added a ton of content in the past week, here is a brief list:

  • Nether Portals are now functioning as intended.
  • /buy and /sell can be used instead of the old spawnshop.
  • /menu can be used to access most server functions, and to discover functions you probably didn’t know existed!
  • Functions like pay to feed yourself ($75), pay to repair tool ($10,000), pay to set daytime, and more have been added.
  • Expansive enchantment store at spawn and can be accessed through /menu.
  • Vote crate added as a reward for voting. You will receive a key after voting and can redeem it at the vote crate (shulker box) at spawn.

Comments from the Team

Today was a great week for the server. We’re growing at a solid rate. We had our 7 day peak on Friday night (as of Saturday morning) with 11 players playing together! Awesome. With this growth, we will likely be needing to expand the team. We’re not accepting any applications, but we may invite some of you for interviews. Be on your best behavior if you want a shot! We’re looking for friendly, mature players who help new players out and seem like they can handle the responsibility of being a server moderator! That being said, please don’t pester us about this! We will reach out if we’re interested.

Build of the Week Winner

No entries this week! Check back next week to see the winner!

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