A Very Spooky Halloween Competition (win $200k!)

Whats up nerds! We’re going to be doing a Halloween competition for all of my US based players! (Other players can participate too, but do you guys celebrate halloween? Idek) The Contest Anyways, this competition is going to be very open ended. Please build something Halloween/Spooky themed! All submissions will be voted on at theContinue reading “A Very Spooky Halloween Competition (win $200k!)”

State of the Server – Week 1

Hello everyone, Chase here! Welcome to state of the server! We will be putting this out every weekend to keep the community up to date on what’s happening on the server. Content Updates We’ve added a ton of content in the past week, here is a brief list: Nether Portals are now functioning as intended.Continue reading “State of the Server – Week 1”

Welcome to The Dream.

Welcome to The Dream! Here an explanation of how the gameplay functions on the server. The gamemode is SMP (Survival Multiplayer) but has an emphasis on building. Creating impressive builds is core to the experience of TDR, and the server has been designed to support that experience. PVP is now disabled globally to help facilitateContinue reading “Welcome to The Dream.”

We’re leaving town…(y)

Yes! We’re moving away from Towny, and instead will be changing the focus of the server to SMP/Building. Towny wasn’t adding much value, but the features that the players did like I hope to replace with a few other plugins (jobs, for example). MCMMO will remain active. We recognize the time players have put intoContinue reading “We’re leaving town…(y)”